Evening Walk – Aske Estate

So Reuben and I decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary, as the weather is getting better and the nights are lighter we went for an evening walk. Yes we set off a about 5pm and didn’t get back until 7pm (normally Reubens bathtime).

Just look at that cute face

We live in such a lovely place in North Yorkshire so decided to take a walk along a route we have only recently discovered, the route takes you past the amazing estate of Aske Hall.

We set off and walked through the golf course, which was an experience for both of us, as I don’t play golf and Reubs was so interested in what the place was. I know enough about golf to tell him what he needed, and we decided we are going to try crazy golf, seems more our thing.

The walk itself was about 2 miles and its all off road, through fields some with sheep, some with horses. As we were walking we took along the 360 camera and Reubs loves taking shots with it, and he actually took over 100 photos. As we got past the golf course and the farmers field, he asked what the crop was and I knew it was either rape seed or potatoes (both having yellow flowers), and after a little help from the Plant Net app it turned out to be rape seed. We kinda knew where we where going but I have the Back Country Navigator app on my phone and decided to show Reubs where we were. So we loaded the OS map and there we were, so Reubs then wanted to navigate the route and was following the line on the map like a true map reading star.

I love the way he loves outdoor stuff and tech as its a perfect combination, he gets exercise and learns new stuff too.

We got past the wood and onto the main part of Aske estate, there were sheep everywhere and yes you guessed it tons and tons of sheep poo too, so Reubs managed to step in it. Then I remembered when I was a child going to Allenheads with the school and the teacher throwing sheep poo at us, so we decided to try it. If you can guess the poo we tried to pick up was a bit squishy and Reubs has it on his hand. He thought this was hilarious. Then as we walked on the sheep were closer, and Reubs just walked towards them quietly and with confidence, and they just moved aside. I love showing him the right way to be in the countryside and around animals.

As we walked passed Aske Hall itself, we had to stop and take it in as its such as cool location. By this point it was starting to get late, so we decided to walk a little bit further and then head back. I am so glad we did as we came across a field with a couple of horses in it. We approached them slowly and Reubs managed to give them a stroke, this made his day. He loves animals but sadly it was time to head back, we got a little way up the track and he had to go back to see the horses again.

At this point he was my tired little boy, so I carried him all the way back, I secretly don’t mind carrying him as I know I won’t be able to carry him forever, and its a great workout too. Kinda secret WIN WIN.

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