Reuben Got His First Choice School

Now it only seems like yesterday that Reuben was in nappies and still a baby, of course he will always be our baby. He started nursery in September and one of the first things we were told to sort out was his school application. This made him seem so much older and we were happy and sad at the same happy, happy as he is growing up into a proper little dude, but sad that he is fastly no longer a baby.

Reuben absolutely loves nursery but we only send him 3 mornings a week, which is is happy with as he loves our adventure times and we love it as we still get to be with him whilst we can. We know come September he will be in school all day everyday and although in reality school days are not that long, I am going to miss him like crazy, no more weekday adventures, no more weekday afternoon chilling.

We applied for his school placement last year and we got a letter saying he has been given a place at our first choice of school, to be honest it was our only choice as we didn’t choose a second one. So we are over the moon, happy and sad all at the same time.

Why does it seem that everyone tells you when they are born, “they grow up so fast” yet you don’t believe them, yet here we are Reuben is now 4 and starts school in September.

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