Its Time For Science – Water Colour Magic Trick aka Light Refraction

As a photographer I am aware of Sir Isaac Newton and in particular his work with light prisms, in particular the discovery that light is split into a colour spectrum via a process known as refraction. This same principle happens in reverse with the apparent removal of colour when light is refracted, such as in … Read more

Its Time For Science – Self Inflating Balloon

This time in our STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) experiment we decided to make a self inflating balloon using bicarbonate of soda. What You Need Vinegar Bicarbonate of Soda Balloon Spoon Bottle ( around 300ml is perfect for a small balloon) What You Do Pour about 1 cup of vinegar into your bottle Fill … Read more

Its Time For Science – Milk Magic

Reubs loves milk, oh wait no he doesn’t not since he was a baby. However he does love playing with messy arty things so we decided to do some patterns in milk using science. What You Need Plate Milk (any will do) A Cotton Bud Washing Up Liquid Food Colouring (running liquid type is best … Read more

Its Time for Science – Bicarbonate of Soda Fountain

Its science time and Reuben loves all things science, from his technology to planets to us fixing stuff. So we thought how can we combine his love of gadgets with his love of mess (being a typical 3 year old of course). The answer – Bicarbonate of Soda Fountains. For this you will need Bicarbonate … Read more