Its Time For Science – Skittles Rainbow Experiment

If you take some Skittles and a plate and some warm water what do you get…A cool rainbow thats what.

What You Need

  1. Bag of Skittles (you will needs lots as some will get eaten during the experiment)
  2. Plate
  3. Warm Water

We bought both big and small Skittles to see the different patterns.

What You Do

  1. Line the Skittles around the edge of the plate
  2. Gently pour the warm water in the centre of the plate.

We tried cold water but the effect was not as good and very slow, using warm water it was instant and took about 1 minute to make a cool rainbow.

We loved doing this experiment as not only did Reubs get to eat tons of skittles but we loved trying different shapes and seeing the reaction. We highly recommend trying this experiment as it’s pretty quick to do and is awesome fun too. Just make sure you buy tons of Skittles.

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