Lockdown Trip to Richmond Castle

As the lockdown rules are starting to relax, some of our favourite places are starting to reopen, although with the usual social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions. One of these is in our own town, Richmond Castle. Thanks to English Heritage who decided to open this amazing location, it meant we could have a good old explore and given that its about 5 mins from our house it was a no brainer.

So on a rather wet and soggy day we set off for the castle, when we arrived it wasn’t raining and we were expecting the grounds to be sodden under foot, but there weren’t too bad at all

We went into the castle and Reuben was off like a rocket, he could not wait to explore, we have been a few times so he kinda knew where he was going.

Due to Covid restrictions none of the indoor parts were open, so there was no exploring the castle keep or playing on the big chairs. However there is still so much to see outside, you can see the old utility rooms, the rooms where the previous Lords entertained and the secret garden (not really that much of a secret but still awesome)

We ran, we played hide and seek and Reuben just loved being outside and getting to run, he loves a good run. It was such a fun visit as there is so much to see and just let your imagination run wild from wondering what they used to eat, to imaging how the castle used to look in the past, and although the main keep was closed the viewing area was actually open and you get an amazing view of Richmond.

The best bit it didn’t rain and the staff were friendly and really helpful, so a huge thank you to English Heritage for opening Richmond Castle.

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