Easy Pancake Recipe – Pancake Day

As we are fast approaching Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day we love pancakes and know they are super easy to make, but a few people are still not comfortable about making them. So we thought we would show you a super easy pancake recipe that requires no weighing and it takes minutes. This recipe makes … Read more

Free School Meals Food Parcel – What Meals Can You Make

You may have seen recently alot in the news about the free school meals parcels being given out during lockdown to eligible children. Reuben like many others children in EYFS is entitled to receive free school meals and has received one of these parcels. So What do You Actually Get? The idea of the food … Read more

We Made Chocolate Oaty Biscuits aka Chocolate HobNobs

Like every other preschooler out there Reuben loves a few things namely chocolate and biscuits and we love baking and making a general mess. Our favourite things to make are (as you most likely know) bread and biscuits. Reuben loves cutting out the shapes of the biscuits, he has his own shaped cutters in the … Read more

Who Needs Frozen Pizza

So there we were mid afternoon and we were all getting hungry, and we thought what to have for tea. Asking Reubs he said he wanted pizza. The only problem was we didn’t have any, and like a typical family of a preschooler our normal go to pizza comes out of the freezer. So we … Read more

We made Baguettes

Like a lot of people out there during the lockdown we got seriously into baking, we have made bread before and decided to make some different types. So Reubs and I set about making some Baguettes or as Reubs calls them Long Bread. The Baguette Dough Recipe The basic recipe for a white bread dough … Read more