We Made Chocolate Oaty Biscuits aka Chocolate HobNobs

Like every other preschooler out there Reuben loves a few things namely chocolate and biscuits and we love baking and making a general mess. Our favourite things to make are (as you most likely know) bread and biscuits. Reuben loves cutting out the shapes of the biscuits, he has his own shaped cutters in the shapes of a car, a plane and a train.

We recently upped our biscuit making game and have totally perfected our shortbread, so we thought what was next. Then it struck me why not try to make oaty biscuits aka HobNobs. So the challenge was on.

After scouring tons of recipe books, websites and HobNob packets and tons of trial and error…We found a winner, a recipe that works and Reuben loves them.

The HobNob Recipe

75g butter or margarine
75g Caster Sugar
1/2 tbsp Golden Syrup
75g Wholemeal Flour
150g Oats
1/2 tsp Baking Powder

The Method

  1. We creamed butter with sugar until fluffy then and added golden syrup.
  2. Reuben did what he does best and mixed the flour, baking powder and oats in separate bowl, of course ensuring the oats were completely covered in the flour.
  3. We then added the mixed flour and oats to butter and mixed until completely blended together.
  4. We then picked several moulds, a normal 6cm round mould, as well as a plane, a train and a car mould.
  5. We then greased and floured a baking tray.
  6. We then put the moulds onto the tray, then we spooned about a dessert spoonful of the mixture into the mould and pressed it down firmly with our fingers, Reuben was not too keen on this bit as he hates having messy hands, we continue until we had a good selection of biscuit shapes and each one had about a 5mm coating firmly pressed inside your mould.
  7. We then baked them for about 10mins at 180c, looking for a light brown colour, however they were not quite ready so we baked them for about another 5 minutes (keep an eye on them as every oven is different and your may only take 10 mins). and hey presto they looked like HobNobs, only better as we have planes, trains, cars as well as the normal round ones.
  8. Now onto the hard part, telling a 3 year old he can’t have a biscuit straight out of the oven, not only were they hot, but you have to LEAVE them on the baking tray until fully cooled. (this is important as they will fall apart if you try to move them from the baking tray whilst still hot)

The Fun Part – Chocolate Coating HobNobs

Now this is definitely Reubens favourite part getting to play with chocolate and its really pretty simply.

  1. We took around 100g of milk chocolate (you can use any chocolate you like).
  2. Reuben then enjoyed smashing the chocolate into tiny pieces with a rolling pin, The poor chocolate bar never stood a chance, then he put into a microwavable bowel.
  3. He loves pressing the microwave button (supervised of course), so he pressed it and off it went for on full power for 30 second, we then took out the chocolate he gave it a mix and back in it went for another 30 seconds. We then put it back in the microwave and we checked it around ever 10 seconds and mixing it, there were a few lumps which we were able to mix away rather than heating it more. We now had lovely melted chocolate.
  4. Reuben then grabbed a spoon an preceded to cover the now cooled oaty HobNobs with chocolate. The result was a chocolate plane, chocolate car and a chocolate train oaty HobNob biscuit.

BUT…. Did Reuben like them after they were finished!!!!

The answer is a big fat YES!!!

We recommend trying these biscuits as they not only taste yummy but are a tad healthier than our normal shortbread ones.

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