Pancreatic Cancer UK – The Big Step Forward

As you will already know Reubs and I love our outdoor adventures, whether that be going to the park, walking, geocaching, exploring or one of a million other things. So we felt the need for another adventure and this time its in aid of a good cause. We are taking part in the Pancreatic Cancer … Read more

Lockdown Trip to Richmond Castle

As the lockdown rules are starting to relax, some of our favourite places are starting to reopen, although with the usual social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions. One of these is in our own town, Richmond Castle. Thanks to English Heritage who decided to open this amazing location, it meant we could have a good old … Read more

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

As you may have noticed its started snowing so it got us thinking about paper snowflakes. Well and other cool paper things like planets and how to actually make them. Few people out there not certain on the method. So here it is a simple step by step guide by me and Reuben on how … Read more

We miss Beamish

Reuben loves Beamish the open air museum in Stanley, County Durham he loves going there with me and his mum and seeing all the histories (as he calls it). Everytime we go we see something different and over the year it has been a tough time for Beamish and the staff have really stepped up … Read more

We Built a Playhouse out of Pallet Wood

Free Pallet Wood So back when my son was one I came upon a really cool realisation, you can get free wood. Pallet wood to be precise, most of the wood is the European size pallets which don’t really fit our UK lorries so they are offered for free to anyone who wants them. As … Read more