We Miss Geocaching – Technology and Exercise in One

Reuben and I love geocaching and with this lockdown stupidity we really miss it. Not really sure if you can class it as exercise or whether your can get away with it being just than. Although we do it for fun and it sure is fun. So for now we are not looking for any treasure.

Few people we have spoken to have asked just what is geocaching and its simply. Its treasure hunting, yes you heard me right you get to go and find real treasure and find some cool places you have never been before. Even places right on your down step.

What is geocaching?

Simple, geocaching is a huge worldwide treasure where treasures are hidden in secret locations, these range in size from super tiny to super huge. Inside these you will normally find a log (so take a pencil) and some treasure (such as little toys, keyrings, etc). So when you find a cache you write your name in the log and take a treasure (so bring some little toys, etc to swap). The best thing about geocaching is its a great mix of technology and the great outdoors, so why not let your kids use their phones for a great purpose and get some exercise and have some fun.

How do I do Geocaching?

All you need is your mobile phone, some little treasures to swap and then simply head to the geocaching.com website signup for a free account and start searching. We personally use an android phone and the app c:geo but if your an iphone user I hear the app cachly is a good choice.

Click on a cache and then follow the compass to your treasure.

Reuben and I Go Geocaching and we love it, it gives us some great family time to go out and get exercise and hunt for treasure, and we have a box of our own treasure we take to swop out, the pound shop was great for this, although to be honest the little cars we bought never made it to any geocache. They are now in Reubens car box.

What Next – Try Adventure Lab

If you like geocaching, the very awesome people at Geocaching.com have created the new adventure lab, the whole thing is just like Geocaching with a twist, there are no treasures to find. The idea is you get out get some exercise and try to find a series of locations, when you arrive at the location the Adventure Lab app will ask you a question about the location, the question and answer are only available when you get to the location. Answer the question and claim the location then its on to the next one.

So get your phone and get out and about.

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