Its Time for Science – Bicarbonate of Soda Fountain

Its science time and Reuben loves all things science, from his technology to planets to us fixing stuff. So we thought how can we combine his love of gadgets with his love of mess (being a typical 3 year old of course).

The answer – Bicarbonate of Soda Fountains.

For this you will need

  1. Bicarbonate of Soda
  2. Vinegar (or any acid such as lemon juice)
  3. Food Colouring (optional but makes it awesome)
  4. Tray to capture all the mess
  5. Mould or container to put the mixture into

Once we had the tray and our choice of shape, we went for a star and a number 5. Reuben spooned in some bicarbonate of soda and pressed it down.

Note – As you can see from the photos Reuben loved it so much we did it a few times trying different trays hence the tray change in our pictures.

Once we had all the mixture in the mould we added a drop of food colouring (you can add some washing up liquid as well to increase the bubbliness if you wish, we did on our second round). Then it was a simple job of squirting the vinegar into the mould and waiting for the fizz.

The verdict was tons of awesome fizzy fountains goodness and mess. IT WAS AWESOME

As you can see we tried adding a bit of glitter to the mix, but it was not all that great and Reuben much preferred the food colouring.

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