Pancreatic Cancer UK – The Big Step Forward

As you will already know Reubs and I love our outdoor adventures, whether that be going to the park, walking, geocaching, exploring or one of a million other things. So we felt the need for another adventure and this time its in aid of a good cause. We are taking part in the Pancreatic Cancer … Read more

Its Time For Science – Water Colour Magic Trick aka Light Refraction

As a photographer I am aware of Sir Isaac Newton and in particular his work with light prisms, in particular the discovery that light is split into a colour spectrum via a process known as refraction. This same principle happens in reverse with the apparent removal of colour when light is refracted, such as in … Read more

Lockdown Trip to Richmond Castle

As the lockdown rules are starting to relax, some of our favourite places are starting to reopen, although with the usual social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions. One of these is in our own town, Richmond Castle. Thanks to English Heritage who decided to open this amazing location, it meant we could have a good old … Read more