Its Time For Science – Cork Compass

Reubs and I love geocaching so he is already very familiar with a compass and as we love a bit of science I suggested we made our own compass. Reubs loved the idea so we went all bushcraft and made a compass out of cork and a needle.

What You Need

  1. A Sewing Needle about 2 inch / 5 cm long
  2. A Magnet (a fridge magnet is perfect)
  3. A slice of cork (cut a circular piece of cork from a wine cork)
  4. A bowl half full of water

What You Do

  1. Rub the fridge magnet along the length of the needle in one direction.
  2. Carefully push the needle through the side of the cork piece.
  3. Carefully place the cork with the needle in it on the water in the bowl.

Boom that’s it you now have a compass and the needle will point along the North South Axis, the end you were rubbing the magnet towards will be magnetic North and should point to North.

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