Phonics Letter Hunt Game

Like alot of people during lockdown Reubs was being home educated, and this meant a lot different activities and alot of games to be had.

So we decided to invent another game, in order to help Reubs with his Phonics and learning, and we call it The Phonics Letter Hunt Game.

The Setup and Layout

  1. Take 26 pieces of paper and write the letters of the alphabet on this in clear writing.
  2. Hide these letter around your house making sure they are visible, tuck hanging out of a drawer, on the floor, etc. Try to avoid placing them in alphabetical order.

The Rules

  1. Now get your child to hunt for the letters in alphabetical order.
  2. Each time they find a letter, get them to name the letter, help them if they need it and sound out the letter.
  3. Now get your child to name something that begins with that letter. For Example if they find the letter A get them to name something that starts with an A, such as Arm.
  4. You can get more specific if you wish and keep the objects they name to certain criteria such as each item thye name has to be a body part or an animal.

Reubs loves this game and we played it for hours, guess it because he loves hunting stuff and nursery so this game is a great mix of the exercise learning just fun. So give it a try and let us know what you think.

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