How to Make Paper Snowflakes

As you may have noticed its started snowing so it got us thinking about paper snowflakes. Well and other cool paper things like planets and how to actually make them. Few people out there not certain on the method. So here it is a simple step by step guide by me and Reuben on how … Read more

During Lockdown We Invented a Game

Learning During Lockdown Reuben started nursery in September and is doing awesome, and the school has really stepped up to this whole lockdown thing and the remote learning. Huge thank you to his school for making the lockdown education so much easier. He has really taken to his whole learning journey, and has now started … Read more

Who Needs Frozen Pizza

So there we were mid afternoon and we were all getting hungry, and we thought what to have for tea. Asking Reubs he said he wanted pizza. The only problem was we didn’t have any, and like a typical family of a preschooler our normal go to pizza comes out of the freezer. So we … Read more

We miss Beamish

Reuben loves Beamish the open air museum in Stanley, County Durham he loves going there with me and his mum and seeing all the histories (as he calls it). Everytime we go we see something different and over the year it has been a tough time for Beamish and the staff have really stepped up … Read more

We made Baguettes

Like a lot of people out there during the lockdown we got seriously into baking, we have made bread before and decided to make some different types. So Reubs and I set about making some Baguettes or as Reubs calls them Long Bread. The Baguette Dough Recipe The basic recipe for a white bread dough … Read more

We Built a Playhouse out of Pallet Wood

Free Pallet Wood So back when my son was one I came upon a really cool realisation, you can get free wood. Pallet wood to be precise, most of the wood is the European size pallets which don’t really fit our UK lorries so they are offered for free to anyone who wants them. As … Read more