We Made Omelette – Easy Microwave Method

Reuben and I were going over the items he got in his Food Parcel and recipe ideas for our last post, and when I said about using the eggs to make an omelette, Reuben said lets make one now. So we set out the ingredients and set to work.

In case you didn’t know pretty much the only thing you need to make an omelette is eggs, although you can add milk if wish. We prefer not to as it makes a thicker omelette.

Reuben is pretty awesome at cracking eggs, although we may have gotten a little bit of shell into the mixture.

Once we cleaned up after our egg incident, Reuben whisked the eggs like a true little chef.

Once mixed it was on to the cooking…

How to Cook an Omelette in a Microwave

Cooking with a 3 year old means you have to do things a little different, and as we were making omelettes that meant NOT using a frying pan. Instead we used the microwave, and without any weird omelette cooker.

Reuben poured the mixture onto a place, and we microwaved it. It took roughly about 2 minutes. We realised at this point our plate was not totally flat, and our omelette was all on the outside of the plate. Cooked perfectly just a nice omelette ring.

Once it was all cooked, it was out of the microwave cut into pieces and sprinkled with some cheese.

The verdict….. Reuben ate every last piece.

So if you are stuck with what to make your picky child or what to do with your food parcel, try omelettes they are awesomely simple.

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