Reuben Repaired Rabbit Damage

So as we are in lockdown and even though we painted his room recently, thanks to our wonderful house rabbit Freya we had a bit of, lets say, rabbit damage to repair. Yes she eats the walls, not to mention furniture, her own bed and any thing she can get her teeth into.

So we wanted to fix the areas of wall in his room she munched, a week ago we relined areas of his room and thye just needed painting. Now I personally find decorating a wee bit boring, I think I am more of a Tim Allen in Home Improvement type guy “More Power” (Google it if you missed the reference). But Reubs loves painting and wanted to get stuck in.

So we setup the painting stuff and poured the paint into his little roller tray and off he went. He painted using his little roller and did an awesome job.

Now his room is all back to normal, and let’s remember he is only 3 and such a clever little dude.

To see him in action check him out on our YouTube channel

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